Labour & Delivery Facilities


Maternity Ward Profile

The Maternity Department is a busy and progressive unit providing Obstetric & Gynaecological and Neonatal Nursery Care Services. The hospital has five consultant Obstetric & Gynaecology, three Paediatricians and a team of experienced staff.

We are Baby Friendly Hospital, promoting breast feeding and have acquired the ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation. Areas of excellences indentified within the maternity services include : -

Labour & Delivery Facilities

The delivery suite consists of six delivery rooms. Up to date equipment is available to monitor the mother and baby. Individualized care is provided by experienced staff who also aid in all deliveries. Epidural analgesia is also available upon request by the patient and as advised by the anaesthetist.

Postnatal and Gynaecological ward consists of 31 beds, a post-operation recovery room with 24 hour nurse in attendance and a VIP Jasmine room which boast of state of cert fixtures and facilities. The ward also incorporates a Brestfeeding Rooms for the convenience of inpatients and visiting mothers.

There are two Nurseries namely Nursery A for newborns from labour room and Nursery B for care of external admissions. The Neonatal Nursery A consist of 8 bassinets and caters for care of the newborn and those babies needing phototherapy or incubator nursing. The septic Nursery B Consist of focer bassinets and provides facilities for phototherapy, exchange blood transfusion and neonatal sepsis care.

Facilities available in Labour Suite :- 

  • CTG Machines (Cardiotocogram)
  • Infant warmer and Resuscitaire
  • Low Suction Machine / Adult Suction
  • Vacuum Machine
  • Digital Vital Signs Monitoring Machine
  • Entonox and Oxygen

Facilities available in Nursery:- 

  • Phototherapy
  • Incubators
  • Portable Incubator
  • Portable X-Ray machine
  • Suction Apparatus
  • Infant Warmer and Resuscitaire
  • Milk Kitchen
  • Oxygen

We are located at :- 

6th Floor, Putra Specialist Hospital (Melaka) 

Contact Us at :- 

Tel : +606 283 5888 (Ext. 5608 / 5609)

New Consultant On Board

  • Dr. (Mr) Noorharisman Bin Ideris (Resident General Surgeon)
  • Dr.Uduman Ali Mohamed Yousof (Resident Neurologist)
  • Datuk Dr. Ismail Bin Sagap (Visiting General & Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Dr. Prakash Mayandi (Visiting O&G)
  • Dr. Sukhilmi Bin Othman (Visiting O&G)
  • Dr. Nurul Dayana Bt Nordin (Visiting Radiologist)
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar S. Katheraveloo (Visiting General & Vascular Surgeon)

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