Admission & Discharge


Admission and registration counter is located on the 3rd floor and 3A floor during office hours. After hours admission & discharge will be at the Accident & Emergency department located on the left hand side from the main entrance of the Hospital.

Any circumstances of emergency admission, it can be done at our Accident & Emergency department which is operating 24 hours and 7 days a week.

In order to smoothen the admission process, you are advised to bring along the following documents :-

  • NRIC or MyKid or Passport International (if you are a foreigner)
  • Referral letter, if any
  • Insurance Medical Card (for insurance cases)
  • Investigation reports from other hospital/clinic, if any

For elective cases with insurance or third party coverage, you are advised to do a pre- admission in order to avoid lodger or long waiting of initial guarantee letter from the insurance company or TPA.



You will need to make a deposit on admission. The deposit varies with your room type and treatment.   A deposit which may be paid by CASH or credit card. Alternatively a written guarantee letter (GL) from your employer (with a credit facilities with us) or insurance provider or Third Party Administrator (TPA) are well accepted.  In the event that the deposit is insufficient to pay upon admission, you will be advised to pay the remaining balance during your stay in the hospital. Our Top Up and Collection Unit will contact you or your next of kin or your guarantor for such purposes.


All rooms are air-conditioned with attached bathroom. Television sets are available in our rooms. Hypp TV are available at VIP Suite, Single Bedded and Two Bedded Rooms.

Personal Belongings and Valuables

Please do not leave your cash, jewellery, mobile phone or other valuable items unattended during your stay in the hospital. The hospital will not be liable for any lost or stolen or damage to your property, money or valuables while on our premises.


When the doctor decided that you are fit for discharge, please wait in your room while waiting for a discharge process and our business office finalized your bill. This may take a while as information concerning your treatment, procedure and items used are being updated. The ward staff will inform you when the bill is ready.

For selfpaying patient, kindly ensure full settlement of your hospital bills before you leave the hospital.

For insurance or TPA approved cases, your patience and co-operation  is needed for the expected delay in processing time. Your discharge waiting time will be depending on the insurance or TPA processing and reverting to us on the final guarantee amount. Our ward staff will be advised you accordingly.

Please note that you may be required to be transferred to our waiting room/lounge while being discharged, as your bed may be needed for a patient waiting to be admitted.

In the event that you are requesting not to wait for a final guarantee notification, you are required to pay a full amount of the hospital final bill.


Payment of bills is to be made only at the discharge or cashier counter by CASH or Credit Card. Personal cheques are unacceptable.

New Consultant On Board

  • Dr. (Mr) Noorharisman Bin Ideris (Resident General Surgeon)
  • Dr.Uduman Ali Mohamed Yousof (Resident Neurologist)
  • Datuk Dr. Ismail Bin Sagap (Visiting General & Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Dr. Prakash Mayandi (Visiting O&G)
  • Dr. Sukhilmi Bin Othman (Visiting O&G)
  • Dr. Nurul Dayana Bt Nordin (Visiting Radiologist)
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar S. Katheraveloo (Visiting General & Vascular Surgeon)

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