International Registration

International Registration Centre (IRC)

Strategically located at Ground Floor lobby area. It is a convenience registration centre for all foreign patients. It is a fast registration process and family members can wait comfortably at the designated waiting area.  

Additionally, IRC is a centre for hospital information, promotion of in house packages, services for visa extension, hotel bookings, transportation arrangement and related customer services. We also offer preliminary medical advices for  new patients.

Our operation hour starts as early as 7.45 am daily from Monday – Friday and until 1.00 pm on Saturday. IRC provide friendly, warm and personalized service from well trained staff who are able to converse in Indonesia as well as English.


Representative Office at Star city, Jalan Sudirman, Pekanbaru Riau, Indonesia

PSHMSB seriously ventured into overseas market by opening a representative office at Star City, Ground Floor, Jalan Sudirman, Pekan Baru. It was opened for business in October 2017.   

It was meant to serve our existing and new patients through personalized services and dissemination of latest information.  We have appointed Indonesian staff to serve customers from Pekanbaru and Kepulauan Riau.

Our business / operating hours are from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday – Friday) and 8.00 am to 12.30 pm (Saturday)

Feel free to call our customer service officer:

Ibu Yesi Melia Dewi
Designated Officer,
+62 823 8372 5659

New Consultant On Board

  • Dr. (Mr) Noorharisman Bin Ideris (Resident General Surgeon)
  • Dr.Uduman Ali Mohamed Yousof (Resident Neurologist)
  • Datuk Dr. Ismail Bin Sagap (Visiting General & Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Dr. Prakash Mayandi (Visiting O&G)
  • Dr. Sukhilmi Bin Othman (Visiting O&G)
  • Dr. Nurul Dayana Bt Nordin (Visiting Radiologist)
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar S. Katheraveloo (Visiting General & Vascular Surgeon)

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